Thursday, 1 January 2009


Five Great Health and Nutrition Quotes
Five Great Longevity Quotes
Five Great Quotes about Doctors and Medicine

Spoof Articles
'The Roman Box' Allows you Eat Without Digesting
The Amputation Diet
The 5 Least Likely New Year Resolutions for 2009
High-Carb, Grain-Based Diets could be Secret to Longevity
The Hair Colour Diet
The Tapeworm Diet

These videos have a serious message, but are funny too...
Paleo/Primal in a Nutshell Part 1: Food - English Spanish German Dutch
Paleo/Primal in a Nutshell Part 2: Exercise - English Spanish
Sometimes a video is worth a thousand words... (Tom Naughton's original short video)

How Five Fingers Turned Me into a Transvestite
Letters from a Caveman
How Paleo/Primal are You? Answer these 8 Questions to Find Out...
Tough Love - Reasons not to Quit You don't Normally Hear
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