Thursday, 1 January 2009


The Paleo / Primal Lifestyle
The Palaeolithic Lifestyle, Diet and Fitness - My Guest Post on Fitness Spotlight
The Hunter Gatherer Lifestyle: One Religion, Several Bibles
Transitioning to a Paleo Diet - Guest Post on 'Straight to the Bar'
First 2 Weeks of Transitioning to Paleo Diet: A Case Study (Guest Post)
Transitioning to a Paleo Diet Case Study - 3 Month Update
A Hymn to the Lifestyle: Part 1 - Paleo at its Best .... Part 2 - Pseudo Paleo

Personal Hygiene
How I Ditched the Chemicals in my Bathroom Cabinet
Ditching the Bathroom Chemicals - Update

Fasting, Bingeing and Appetite
Paleo Apple Crumble and the Chestnut Tojan Horse
High-Carb Feasts Could Help You Sleep
Paleo Binges and Christmas Carb Fests: Body Composition Update
Sugar Rampage Demonstrates How Alcohol Kills Self Control
Nuts - Best Friend or Worst Enemy? Body Composition Update
The Key to Beating a Binge or Habit: Creating Something to Lose
When does Intermittent Fasting become an Eating Disorder?
Gain Half a Stone in 48 Hours... and Lose it in 10 Days
Celebration Turns into 6-Day Junk Food Rampage Part 1 ... Part 2
Warrior Paleo Experiment & the Many Faces of Fasting
How Nostalgia Shapes our Food Fantasies
The Three-Day Binge Recovery Plan
The Anatomy of a Binge - and Why I Need to get Ill
Intermittent Binging - Could it be Good for You?
Entering the Arena of the Unwell
The Great Buffet Abuse Tour

Weight Loss
Exercise WILL Make You Thin - if You Really Want it to
Diet and Exercise Not the Most Important Weight Loss Factors

Health and Diet, General
Emotional Eating and the Modern Diet - Which Caused Which?
The Immunity Crunch - are You Treating Your Health like a Credit Card?
My Vitamin D Deficiency - a Salutary Lesson
How I got My Vitamin D into the Sweet Spot
Supplements - What I Take and Why
Making the Most of Animals: Pt 1: Wonderful Offal ... Pt 2: Glorious Fat ... Pt 3: Beautiful Bones
Battling the Coffee Demon
7-Day Virtually Zero-Carb Experiment

Organisations and Establishments
Cigarettes, Sugar and our Innate Short-Termism
Are we Underrating the Anecdotal?
The Worst Sugar Pushers of all - Health Food Stores
HFCS, the Little Man and Big Business ... Part 2 - Making a Difference
UK Supermarket Redefines the Word 'Healthy'
Fordhall Farm - the Future of Farming?

Role the Dice (first blog post!)
We’re all Junkies
When it comes to Nutrition, the Glass is Half Empty
Cone Theory and the Mystery Doctor
The Professor Diet - Eat All the Junk You like ... Pt 2: Healthy Junk Food ... Pt 3: No Shortcuts!
The Great Cake Porn Tour
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