Tuesday 1 July 2008


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Keith Richards at about 60
Pay Now Live later is an inversion of Live Now, Pay Later, a saying generally understood to refer to a lifestyle in which immediate gratification is sought without concern for the later consequences.

Art Devany at 70
The name of the blog is a statement of a philosophy - that it is worth paying now (having a healthy lifestyle) for the sake of living later. There are two subtly different meanings to live later (both intended) - by deferring gratification you may well live for longer, but equally you may also be able to live (in the sense of enjoy life) later on, when you are older.

On Pay Now Live Later I discuss issues around nutrition, the food industry and medicine. On it's sister blog, Train Now Live Later I discuss training and fitness, the natural allies of nutrition in the pursuit of living later.

On these blogs I write about what I believe is the most effective way to pay now - by living our lives more like our ancestors did. Palaeolithic, Primal, Hunter Gatherer - all names given to the lifestyle I follow and discuss here.

A brief history of my own journey:
  1. I was introduced to the concept by Natural Messiah about 18 months ago.
  2. He told me to read this seminal essay by Art Devany.
  3. I then read some work by Loren Cordain, interviewed here.
  4. I read Mike and Mary Eades' ProteinPower Life Plan.
  5. I spent time on Mark Sisson's blog, reading about the Primal Blueprint.
  6. More recently, I have produced some of my own material, such as the Nutshell videos.
What do I hope to achieve with the blogs? To contribute as much as possible to the growing community of people who are finding out for themselves the best way to live their lives - and learning that just because an organisation says you should do something it doesn't mean it's the best thing to do.

About Me | About Pay Now Live LaterFor the story behind the pictures, see this post on Life Spotlight...

...and for a more probing interview, read this interview on Primal Chat.

Comentary on my body fluctuating composition:
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Live graph of my body composition

Posts about my health:
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First blog post - why I obsess over health: Roll the Dice

Contact me at: paynowlivelater at gmail dot com


Anonymous said...

This is a great post, I was pretty simular but my timeline spans over about 5 years. Very funny stuff!!

Anonymous said...

Funniest and most clever "about me" post I have ever seen! Similar to Chris, my history is about the same only over 10 years. Wonder how many people go through this same routine?

Methuselah said...

Dan - I know of at least 2 more...!

Chris said...

I'm another one. Although the journey from failed bodybuilder to runner to bit of everything/paleo/ caveman/generall GPP fitness for life has taken about 25 years.

Mark said...

You and I need to get in touch!!!
I have used your paleo vid:-)




pnw fitness said...

Mine is almost the same, but swap 2000 & 2005.

Then go back to 1995(my1993) before becoming current.

On that note, I still have a lot of muscle to gain. Roughly 40lbs away from current goal.

Methuselah said...

PNW - sounds like an interesting journey. I should have some kind of 'map your own journey' tool that allows people to drag the pictures in the order they did it ;-)

Jimmy Moore said...

I included your blog amongst my Top 30 low-carb sites on the Internet today:


Methuselah said...

Jimmy - great to know you are a regular visitor. I certainly check into your web sites frequently and think your podcasts are great. They have often been the vehicle by which I have been able to introduce ideas to people who would otherwise not have been motivated to read material instead. Keep up the good work.

Paul said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now, the Nutshell videos were great.

Did you catch "World’s Best Diet" on ITV? Talk about missing the point. According to the (fat) dietitian low carb is not a maintainable lifestyle choice!!! Only thing was the low carb wasn't so low on the carbs. The winning diet was the from Italy but the example meal they showed was fish with vegetables (or low carb as we like to call it).

Methuselah said...

Thanks Paul. I didn't see that one, but I have started tuning out these things now. It seems like every day there is someone on TV, either a health pundit on a sofa or someone in a full-blown documentary, who is trotting out one or other nuggets of 'conventional wisdom' which those in the know recognise as a pile of steaming ordure. One day soon the truth will slip out and TV and the papers will be uttery festooned with stories about how paleo and low carb are the way to go. I expect we will end up feeling a mixture of self-righteous pleasure and disappointment - whilst our position will have been vindicated, we will no longer be able enjoy the feeling of knowing something most other people don't!

Methuselah said...

Paul - good blog post about it here!

Jolly said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the informative blog - I've spent the time to read every post on here. Now if only I could find the time to do the same with Mark's blog.....and learn to be a better cook!

Methuselah said...

Thanks Apneet - I'd like to try more of Mark's recipes too - they look fantastic. I'm just far too lazy and enjoy plain food too much!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Perhaps the best, most cogent and effective communication of this philosophy I have seen.

Thanks so much for your excellent work.


Methuselah said...

Thanks Sean - appreciated.

emily said...

I i just love your blog and your videos. I have to make a blog for a class Im taking, and would love to use your youtube video on it. This is for educational purposes and i would really appreciate it! I would site you how ever you would like.Thanks for your help, just let me know!

Methuselah said...

Emily, you are more than welcome to use the video. Hope it goes well.

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