Tuesday, 1 July 2008


On this page I will feature posts and series of posts that are themed on bringing to account organisations who appear more interested in the bottom line or their own professional vanity than the well-being of those they claim to serve.

Roll Call of Shame: Companies Who Don't Listen - a summary and compilation of the companies mentioned in the articles below who had not the courtesy nor the foresight to engage with me on questions about their products. It includes their contact details.

Unhealthy Food Masquerading as Healthy Food

The Worst Sugar Pushers of all: Health Food Stores
Julian Graves Responds to 'Sugar Pushers' Post (Worst Sugar Pushers Part 2)
The Worst Sugar Pushers of All Part 3 - Holland and Barrett Takes Centre Stage
New York - Limited Cake Porn but Plenty of Sugar Pushers
New York Part 2 – Another Sugar Pusher and Cake Security Threat
UK Supermarket Redefines the Word 'Healthy'
GNC Peddles Sugar-Laden Supplement Chews

Product Labelling

San Francisco Part 1: Stretching the Definitions of Natural and Healthy

Food Additives

Sugar Peddling Kelloggs Pull 'Misleading' Advert
Why is there Sugar in my Chicken?
Sugar in my Chicken Part 2: Marks and Spencer Respond
Marks and Spencer Chicken - They Respond Once More (Part 3)
Marks and Spencer Chicken - the Final Word (Part 4)
Eat Natural? Not According to the Food Standards Agency
The (Un)Natural Confectionery Company: Schoolyard Logic Strikes Again
The Worst Cake in the World?
Dear Tropical Sun - "Why is there Crap in My Coconut Milk?"
"Why is there Crap in my Coconut Milk?" - Tropical Sun's Perplexing Reply
Tropical Sun Replies - "Our Additives are Okay"
After Much Searching... the Perfect Coconut Cream

High Fructose Corn Syrup and Those Advertisements

HFCS, the Little Man and Big Business (Part 1)
HFCS, the Little Man and Big Business Part 2 - Making a Difference
High Fructose, Low Budget: The Alternative Advertisement
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