Monday, 12 April 2010

Running - is it Paleo / Primal?

I've just posted an article on Train Now Live Later about running that may interest Pay Now Live Later readers.

There's Running, and there's Running

In the article I review a couple of great books that have inspired me to consider distance running, when done a certain way, to be very much part of a Paleo / Primal lifestyle.

I also question how much attention we should pay to the studies that suggest running is damaging to our health, given the myriad forms it can take and the tendency of these studies to focus on one particularly extreme type.


Jake said...

I think the greatest problem with long distance running is the carbo loading that runners do.
Those carbs are inflammatory and cause the heart problems that many older long distance runners experience.

I quit running when I was 55 to save my joints. (although I still do Tabata intervals twice a week.) I am glad I did as my friends who continued to run now are getting knee and hip replacements in their late 60s. My knees and hips are just fine.

Methuselah said...

That's a good point that I think is made elsewhere as well. It's hard to separate the running from the typical runner's diet. I have run some pretty long races on a very low carb diet, so it's clearly not necessary to munch all those carbs.

Douwe Jan Schrale said...

if you study tribal hunting..
they run and run and run endlessly to kill the one animal..

especialy if they are low on food ( by idiotic hunt regulations) its almost consciousness expanding..

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