Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Primal Weekend at Lake Vyrnwry

In case you are wondering, this is pronounced 'Lake Vern-ree', or at least that's close enough to avoid being laughed at by the locals.

The Welsh don't go in for easy-to-pronounce names, a fact comically illustrated by the spectacle of Mrs M trying to read out the names of villages as she navigated from the road atlas during the journey.

For anyone looking for a superb weekend holiday destination in Wales, they could do a lot worse than this. There are links in the main article.

The highlights of the weekend were:
  1. A gonad achingly cold wild swim, lasting all of 30 seconds.
  2. Some primal/paleo meals, interspersed with a fast - not easy when Mrs M is making liberal use of room service under your nose.
  3. A long, slow run (or persistent hunt) around the lake, starting pre-dawn and covering forest, hills and road.
I've posted a full write up of the swim, run and meals, with photos on Train Now Live Later.
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