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Primal/Paleo Breakfast of Champions - so Good it's like a Dessert!

I have to share this recipe. I have it for breakfast or brunch. Two reasons I think its so great:

First - each ingredient is highly praised by Mark Sisson in his book, Primal Blueprint, which I am reading at the moment (full review coming soon.)

Second - it tastes like a dessert. The interaction between coconut cream, cocoa powder and fruit creates a genuinely chocolaty sensation - which when coupled with the innately dessert-like qualities of egg seems to really hit the spot.

Whilst it can be eaten hot or cold, I usually put it in the fridge overnight and eat it the next day - this is when when it acquires it's most dessert-like qualities.

Here are the ingredients (to serve one greedy person like me):

Coconut cream, 100 ml
P.B. "Coconut oil offers numerous health benefits...has been found to help normalize blood lipids and protect against damage to the liver from alcohol and other toxins, and it has anti-inflammatory and immune-supporting properties."

There is an example brand of coconut cream in the instructions. I always make sure the only ingredients are coconut and water. I think 'coconut extract' is also fine.

Unsweetened Cocoa powder
P.B. "Some studies have shown that cocoa contains considerably more flavanoids than acclaimed heavy hitters like green tea and red wine...dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, brain-stimulating compounds...offers impressive health benefits, such as reducing the instance of blood clots, lowering blood pressure and helping prevent cancer...the ORAC values of coca powder and dark chocolate are higher than those of virtually any fruit or vegetable..."

Mark suggests ideally using organic cocoa as conventionally grown beans are exposed to pesticides.

Eggs, 8 medium organic
P.B. "Excellent source of healthy protein, fat, B complex vitamins, and folate...the yolk is one of the most nutrient-rich foods you can find-laden with omega-3s and the aforementioned nutrients."

Mark also explains in the book why the cholesterol fears around eggs are unfounded. He urges people to buy organic eggs to maximise these benefits.

Any fruit
ideally berries like strawberries, blackberries, blueberries etc

P.B. "...most fruits offer a host of nutritional benefits..."

Mark does caution people to consider the GI value of fruits in relation to the amount of antioxidants they contain. In the case of berries this is a very favourable ratio.
Cooking Instructions
The ingredients.

This is the brand of coconut cream I use. [Update 6th Aug 2010: since they changed the ingredients, this is no longer my chosen brand. I wrote an open letter to Tropical Sun in this post.]

Put the eggs in a pan.

Beat them.

Cook whilst continually stirring until nearly cooked, but not quite.

Add the coconut cream. Be careful here - you don't want it too runny, so maybe add half of the cream and cook a little further to see whether it was enough. Then a little more, and so on. You are aiming for a moist but firm consistency.

Cook until you have a creamy scrambled egg consistency.

Prepare your fruit and place on top.

Sprinkle the cocoa powder using a sieve.

Serve and enjoy!

Here's one I made with strawberries to take to work last week. I ate it cold from the fridge.

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Juho said...

This is c o o l !! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yummilicious!...Made this this yesterday with blueberries and banana...Thank you!

Imee said...

This looks soooo yummy and healthy! I just find it odd to mix these together, but if looks are the only basis, I'd eat this in a heartbeat.

Yummy said...

Very interesting! I will have to try this. I love the combo of coconut and chocolate. Mmmmmmm!

Anonymous said...

I tried this for dinner tonight (with 3 eggs though), it was delicious and very satisfying, and I must say I felt guilty eating it because it could have easily doubled as dessert. I also added a dash of cinnamon powder. Thank you for the recipe.


lowlight said...

Thank you for sharing this awesome recipe, I eat it all the time now as a snack. I like to throw some cinnamon on there too, to round out the flavour even more. I also dump some shredded coconut on there, for extra coconut-goodness and flavour ;)

Methuselah said...

Thanks Lowlight - I often add cinnamon myself, especially when the fruit of choice is apple. I will try the shredded coconut idea - sounds good.

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