Monday, 4 May 2009

Transitioning to a Paleo Diet - Guest Post on 'Straight to the Bar'

Scott Bird over at Straight to the Bar asked me to pull together a guest post on how to transition to the Paleo diet - here is the article.

It was actually an excellent opportunity to think through the steps I have seen Mrs M take and the advice I have given to others. There are likely to be future posts exploring how well this advice has worked for people and perhaps refining it according to feedback.

If you haven't checked out Scott's site and you are into strength and fitness, you should definitely take a look around - it's a well-designed site and there are some great articles on conventional and some less conventional exercises and routines.


Judith said...

Excellent post, nicely expressed! I have been transitioning since January this year. I have identified and successfully eliminated the two main bad guys, namely refined sugar and grains, without too much trouble. The other bad guys are a more difficult to get rid of.. potatoes, rice, no problem. But carrots, beets, squash, fruit, dairy... one day at a time.

Methuselah said...

Judith - carrots, beets, squash and fruit are fine! I would say that moderating fruit to some extent is always a good idea, but the only one on your list I would classify as a bad guy is dairy!

Judith said...

And dairy is the most difficult to eliminate, as I live in NZ and I'm surrounded by the best dairy in the world! I'm working on cutting it down rather than out completely.

Methuselah said...

I continue to be jealous of your new life in NZ Judith. Good luck with the dairy. To be honest, if I had to eat dairy, then it would be from the kinds of animals in the kind of environment I imagine you have over there.

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