Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sister Blog Launched: Train Now, Live Later

A quick note to announce the launch of a sister blog, Train Now, Live Later. The site will offer 3 things:
Exercise Library: lots of videos and links to give you ideas for workouts and exercises, with the emphasis on the unconventional - all searchable by equipment or body part.
Workout Diary: a record of my workouts - each exercise I mention will be referenced with videos or images.
Articles: thoughts, ideas, comments on the media, references to good posts on other fitness blogs...

Please swing by and take a look - use the comments link for this post to tell me what you think. I have a number of things I plan to improve and am always happy to add your ideas to the list.


Chris said...

Looks good - I've subscribed and will have a better look later



Asclepius said...

Meth - a cool site and one I will be regularly reading.

One thing with the knee injury - I seldom if ever stretch after ANY exercise. At home I do a lot of squatting down (to talk to the kids), kneeling (when nappy changing) and sitting cross legged on the floor when watching TV. This, I figure encourages reasonable lower body flexibility along with Kneel Backs and Bridge work.

Certainly if post exercise stretching precipitates injury, fuggedaboutit! I don't think it is needed as long as you regularly sit on the floor.

One other thing - recognise and evaluate the volume and intensity of your leg work. After a knee injury in prticular, in retrospect I find plenty of 'signals' as to what was about to befall me - and 'too much' is the message that shouts back!

Ths shoulders are another candidate for 'retrospection'.

Get well soon!


Methuselah said...

Thanks Asclepius - pleased to say the knee is back in shape now. I did back off a bit on the leg work and it seemed to work. One thing that helped was making sure everything I did do involved moving the knee in only one plane and not through the full range of movement - so box jumps were perfect. The advice they give on how long to rest knee injuries tends to be geared towards sportsmen like footballers, whose activity involves torsion that would almost certinaly aggravate the injury.

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