Thursday, 1 January 2009

Primal Community Meals

These images come from Twitter and TwitPic in real time... simply tag your Tweets with #primal and include in them a TwitPic photo of your meal and it will appear here! Rollover the images to see who posted them and to link to their Twitter page.

If you hit the more button and nothing happens, Twitter has probably run out of Tweets!


Anonymous said...

This is really neat. How did you set this up? Interaction with Twitter API etc.?

Mark said...


Methuselah said...

Anon - thanks - yes, Twitter API.

thania said...

This is great. Thanks. OMG what a difference between the way man and women eat. Being both Primal!!!??

I think from now on I better be more lady like and eat salads and stuff like that, if I want to lose weight!

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to add this as an RSS feed?

ie: Every new twitpic tagged #primal will end up in my RSS reader of choice? (ie: Google Reader)?

Methuselah said...

Arlo - not sure you can do it with Twitpic, but I am pretty sure you can do it with Twitter - try sticking this onto your reader:

Yummy said...

WAAAAAYYYYY cool! Thanks for sharing this!

thania said...

I am sorry I dont know how but I have repeated food entry?? for today ..

Methuselah said...

thania - don't worry - it looks good enough to post twice!

thania said...


Hi, Lately the #primal food , does not get fixed in this page, is it happening to anyone else?

I love to see all this colorful primal food.

Methuselah said...

Hi Thania... it can be temperamental, but here are a few things that can stop a picture appearing:

1. Don't use www. in the twitpic URL
2. Make sure there is a space before and after the URL of the picture
3. Make sure there is a space before and after #primal
4. Make sure there is no space between # and primal.

Hope this helps!

Methuselah said...

Update: you can now use www. in the Twitpic URL.

...but I have discovered that if you use the Twitpic website to add your picture, sometimes it does not appear in Twitter's search, which is how I get these images. So to guarantee your picture appears, don't use Twitpic! I use Tweetdeck and that always seems to work.

Thanks to Thania for helping me figure that out.

wraithc88 said...

compared to that I eat shit :(
I find soooo many things unpalatable, doubt it will change anytime soon

Methuselah said...

Just to let you all know, there is a problem with Twitter's search API at the moment which means some tweets don't get picked up by this page. This link kind of explains it.

Long story short, it should be fixed when Twitter get their act together, which I hope will be soon.

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